Refractive Cataract Surgery

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There are currently limited medical treatments available for cataracts. The complete removal of the cataract followed by intraocular lens insertion is the gold standard treatment. Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure and topical anesthesia is used. The patient is awake for the procedure but relaxed and will experience little to no discomfort.

This is performed at a private surgical centre by our surgeons for patients who wish to be spectacle free after cataract surgery. Similar to the hospital, the private surgical centres use the latest technology in Cataract Extraction, Intraocular Lens Design, and Implantation. Refractive cataract surgery also uses phacoemulsification, in which a 3mm incision is made in the cornea where the doctor will insert a device that will break apart the clouded lens and suction it out. Once the cataract is removed, a small, flexible lens is put very carefully through the same incision in order to restore vision. Once inside, the lens will adjust to its proper position within the lens capsule of the eye. The incision is very small and usually does not require stitches. At the private surgical centre, we offer simultaneous bilateral cataract surgery which means cataract surgery is performed on both eyes on the same day. The advantages of this include fewer office visits, faster recovery of binocular vision for driving, and a faster return to normal activity. This procedure is not covered by OHIP.

The difference between Traditional Cataract Surgery and Refractive Cataract Surgery

The Refractive Cataract Extraction Package has a more predictable outcome as it adds a laser vision enhancement procedure, and the technology involved is much more advanced and not available at the hospital. Also, several additional advanced diagnostic measurements are included in the Refractive Cataract Extraction Package. This is all included in the fee. On top of this, your surgery will be performed by one of our surgeons, there are no interns or trainee participants.

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