See the World with Vision

Here at the iCare Surgical Centre, we pride ourselves on offering the utmost quality and passion for medical treatment. Our experienced team of Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Medical Professionals will help treat your ocular needs and help you see the world with clarity.

Why We Excel

Individual Attention

The clinic outflow and lab technology at iCare allows your providers, whether it be your physicians or lab technicians, to give you the time and attention that you deserve. We do our best to get ahead of any health complications with our cutting-edge technology.

World-class Physicians

Our clinic is filled with medical professionals that have won numerous prestigious awards in academic and clinical settings. Meet our team here.

We are a Teaching Site

We prep Canada for its next generation of Doctors and Medical Leaders. We have strong relationships with many of Canada’s top Universities and give their best students the opportunity to learn what it means to be a health professional, from the joy of giving a patient vision, to the responsibility we bear while doing so. Learn more about our student programs here.

What are Patients saying?

“Coupled with cutting edge equipment and caring experienced staff, this is the best eye clinic in Ottawa. The physicians discuss complicated cases which also increases the trust in the care. Much better than a single ophthalmologist office
-Nicole, iCare Patient

“I am extremely happy with my experiences. Staff has been courteous and very helpful…/ My doctor is the best. Very considerate and very well educated. No complaints!” -Judy, iCare Patient

About Us

We are iCare, a place of Medical excellence.

We are all about treating you and your needs


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