Student Reviews

I hope to be a physician one day, the lessons I learned here cannot be taught in a textbook. These experiences will hone the type of doctor I become!

Nicholas Blase
Undergrad Summer intern
iCare Surgical showed me the intricacies involved in healthcare from the medical and business perspective. I hope to use my freshly-gained wisdom to have a new perspective on health care legislation and policy.
Sharangan Senthilvelan
UWaterloo Coop Student
Working at iCare was a pleasure. The staff and surgeons are some of the best the country has. Learning from people with so much life experience allowed me to receive life advice and form great mentors!
Testimony Oyinloye
UWaterloo Coop Student

You do not need Astronomy Binoculars to Stargaze, Just shoot for the stars like our students

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