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We, as a leading surgical clinic, find that it is our duty to help guide the next generation of Physicians and Medical Leaders. The world is brighter with the fresh, innovative flair that the talented students that we select  bring. They are selected through a rigorous process that represents the quality of healthcare we offer. We shape the future through the  education and experiences we provide our students today, and we are very proud of this. 

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Eye physician and surgeon
Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa
Honours Kinesiology co-op, University of Waterloo 00-05

University of Ottawa Medical Students

Many of our surgeons are assistant professors at the University of Ottawa. This allows us to have a direct pipeline to the best medical students as we select them through a holistic approach. Medical students are given the chance to learn if practicing ophthalmology is their calling.

University of Waterloo Honours Co-op Students

The students we select for this educational internship, all go on to do great things and we are proud to be a part of shaping their journey. Many of our students matriculate into medical school, but others have taken other interesting paths like becoming pharmaceutical advocates.

University of Waterloo, Optometry Students

We currently have students employed from one of Canada's two schools of Optometry. We have numerous optometrists at our clinic and they have a lot to offer the next generation of optometrists.

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iCare Surgical has a great relationship with UWaterloo and its co-op program dating back to one our Medical Retina Specialist and Cataract Surgeons having gone through the program in the early 2000’s . We have continuously employed UWaterloo co-op students and shown them the ins and outs of what it means to run a Surgical unit. Each year we select around 5-9 interns amidst thousands of applicants, with the majority always being UWaterloo students.


Interns are given the opportunity to learn how to use or prepare cutting-edge technology, like the SLT/YAG Ellex Tango laser.  Students learn back-end administration to become familiar the financial perspective of ophthalmic healthcare. Additionally, they are given the opportunity to observe surgeries such as Laser surgeries, Ocuplastic Cosmetic surgeries and Cataract surgeries. Above all, students are given various independent projects that force them to learn the  fundamentals and the nuances of a functioning surgical centre.  

We have an abundance of resources and networking opportunities as we work with the Ottawa Hospital and LasikMD. A common statement heard from co-ops is that their patient interactions were what catalyzed the most growth out of them.

 If you are a University of Waterloo Honours Coop Student, check WaterlooWorks for our job postings and we encourage you to apply. 


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The majority of our interns are selected through closed-loop programs such as being part  of UOttawa’s Medical School or UWaterloo’s World-class co-op program. That said, we know that talent comes from all parts of the world, in different circumstances, and knows no barriers. If you would like to apply for an internship, we encourage you to contact us, learn more about the selection process and apply. 

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