Cosmetic Lumps & Bumps

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Unfortunately, the eyelid area seems to be an area where numerous cosmetic blemishes can occur. Chalazions are the most common of these. Each lid has approximately twenty meibomian glands. When a gland is blocked, it develops a chalazion. The first treatment for a chalazion is frequent warm water compresses for about two weeks. Drops and ointments don’t seem to help. We then give the body three months to resolve the chalazion. If it is still there after three months, then surgery is required. The surgery takes fifteen minutes with no potential for scarring.

Other blemishes include moles, papillomas, syringomas, etc. These are all surgically removable with minimal chance for scarring. All the above are deemed as cosmetic surgery and cost about $100 – $200 to remove at our clinic.

Basal cell carcinomas and cysts are deemed non-cosmetic by our government and these are removed in the same fashion paid by OHIP at the Riverside Eye Care Centre.